Industrial Resources, Inc. is seeking a senior estimator to join our team. As a senior estimator, you will be responsible for calculating major construction cost estimates, and you will be involved in the generation of proposal documents for industrial projects. Our ideal candidate has excellent organization, time management, attention to detail, and communication skills. Senior estimators are expected to negotiate with a range of professionals, make accurate time and cost estimates, and resolve any issues that arise.

Senior Estimator Responsibilities

  1. Reviewing and analyzing drawings, plans, and specifications to understand the project as a whole and then prepare detailed cost estimates
  2. Determining the total cost of materials, equipment, utilities, and labor for construction projects in an industrial environment
  3. Preparing estimates for planning, organizing, and scheduling project work
  4. Managing pre-qualification and pre-bid submissions
  5. Preparing estimates to meet project goals, such as establishing work hours, sequencing tasks, obtaining materials, and securing the best deals with vendors and subcontractors.
  6. Ensuring that relevant proposal documents and budgets are submitted before a bid deadline
  7. Regularly reporting to Management and keeping clients updated on the bid project status
  8. Reviewing and analyzing charged working hours for existing and completed jobs to ensure current/future performance and quoting standards are aligned
  9. Formulating contingency plans and effectively managing risks that might impact cost and time estimates
  10. Keeping track of the latest estimating technology and industry-related techniques
  11. Collaborating with other departments, conducting site visits, and providing other services, when required.

Senior Estimator Qualifications

  1. Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as an estimator for industrial-type projects
  2. High school diploma or equivalent is required. Bachelor's or Associates Degree in one of the following is preferred: Engineering, Construction Management, Construction, Drafting and Design, Technical, Education, Architecture, Science, Business/Administration.
  3. Proficiency in understanding and estimating various construction drawings (foundations, structural steel, platework, piping, etc.), including working with drawings in an AutoCAD environment
  4. Excellent organization, time management, attention to detail, and communication skills
  5. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)