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What Can an Electrical Contractor do for You?

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Jul 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Industrial Resources and West Virginia Electric are your #1 choice for full service engineering, design manufacturing and construction organization. For more than five decades, Industrial Resources has succeeded in thousands of projects including but not limited to electrical systems, installation, automation and custom designed software packages.

What Can an Electrical Contractor do for You?

Recently we have discovered the growing need for turnkey electrical contractors for industrial projects. This could apply to virtually any industry whether private or public; however, we have seen a growing trend among the oil & gas, aggregate, manufacturing, producing and materials processing fields.

If you are on the fence when it comes to hiring a turnkey electrical engineer, below are some of the responsibilities that highlight some of the areas we can manage for you.

Update and Optimize Your Facilities

We know that with all of the numerous tasks in regards to day-to-day responsibilities and operations, a growing number of organizations are having difficulties managing minor details oversight. This is also true when the details involve equipment wear and/or age.

Staying up to date with the features and capabilities of your facility can become costly through extensive personnel and training, not to mention labor, compatibility and integration. Electrical insufficiencies could be negatively impacting the performance of your industrial activity and growth.

Our outside turnkey electricians can modify the infrastructure needed to circulate electricity through a system of substations before reaching its power destinations. This will save time and boost efficiency. Our inside contractors will upgrade the cabling designs and maintenance of the entire property to ensure there are no loose ends. This option will save on all associated costs of internal departmental infrastructure.

Electronic Automation

Automating your activity streamlines work processes to make the jobs of internal departments easier and keep the efficiency of your organization at a consistent rate of growth.

What Can an Electrical Contractor do for YouA programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer with customizable programming built to operate machinery such as assembly lines and light fixtures. West Virginia Electric finds that electronic automation is in high demand as we move toward an industrial period with less dependence on human labor and even faster delivery milestones. SCADA is also highly recommended to regulate switching of circuit breakers, control panels and supervise the power flow in feeders.

Assure the Safest Electrical Systems

Most importantly, Industrial Resources wants to warrant that your electrical systems are free from vulnerabilities that may pose a risk for your company and its operations. Not only do we internalize the terms and conditions laid out in the National Electrical Code, we evaluate every aspect of your facility to ensure that the system is meeting these requirements as well. We specialize in ensuring safe practices are being applied from the installation to the regulation of all electrical elements to prevent hazards and to safeguard the well-being of your facility and workers.

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