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West Virginia Electric: Fixing Electrical Issues in Minutes, Not Days

Posted by Frank D'Amico

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Feb 13, 2015 12:56:00 PM

Do You Need a Quick Fix to Your Electrical Issue?  West Virginia Electric Can Fix Your Problem Within Minutes, Not Days!

What would it mean to you if electrical issues that arose within your facility could be fixed within minutes, as opposed to days? No more calling to set up maintenance visits and waiting hours before the crew could get to your facility. Instead, you would have quick, timely responses almost within minutes.

We understand that your business is busy. You have a million different things to do and issues that arise shouldn’t set you back for days at a time. At West Virginia Electric, we have the power to take care of electrical issues that arise in your facility at our home office instead of driving hours away to assess the problem.

This makes us more efficient, timely and reliable and means you won’t be losing days of work and can continue serving your customers efficiently.

We have an in-house panel shop for creating custom electrical panels and warehouse for quick access to materials. Everything we need is at our fingertips. We employ highly intelligent people who provide us with high efficiency in proficiency.




West Virginia Electric has been in business since 1946. From then until now, we have never missed a schedule and never missed a contract. 

We can take a project from a paper napkin and can present it, work on it, design it, engineer it and build it to where it becomes a multi-million dollar project, and we can start it by pressing one button.


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Frank D'Amico

Written by Frank D'Amico

Emeritus President

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