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Cut Costs on Your Facility's Energy Bill with LED Replacement Bulbs

Posted by Frank D'Amico

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Feb 18, 2015 11:30:00 AM

LED Replacement Bulbs

LED_Replacement_BulbsLight Emitting Diodes, or LED lighting, has been gaining recognition in recent years and has been slowly replacing HID lighting systems (high intensity discharge.)  There are many benefits to using LED bulbs instead of HID.  These benefits include:

  • The life expectancy of LED lighting systems is five to six times longer than HID

  • LED lights will last seven to eight years as opposed to the one to two years HID lighting lasts

  • LED fixture has a 50% wattage requirement, significantly less than a regular HID lighting system

  • LED fixtures save 40-50% of the energy bill

Saving on energy.  Saving on power.

Where are LED Bulbs Most Efficient?

Certainly there can be arguments made that LED lighting is beneficial to the industrial industry, but more importantly LED lighting is valuable in commercial and education facilities and in facilities where 40-50% of the power load is lighting. 

  •  You will cut power consumption in half
  •  Therefore, cutting the power bill in half
  •  In an industry with high maintenance areas, LED lasts five to six times longer than HDI, creating less maintenance costs 

Cutting costs on your facility's energy bill.

West Virginia Electric

West Virginia Electric has introduced LED replacement bulbs that will fit in typical Industrial high-pressure sodium or metal-halide light fixtures with limited modification to the fixture at a very low cost. 

To learn even more about West Virginia Electric and LED replacement bulbs, click here!

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