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Mar 11, 2014 10:52:00 AM


By:  Raymond Perr P. E. Director of Business Development

In today’s global market place the Coal Industry must spend their maintenance and capital dollars effectively to produce the biggest punch for their dollars.


Industrial Resources Overland Conveyor at Consol Energy Enlow Fork Mine, Pennsylvania


It has consistently been demonstrated that Design Build Contractors deliver products that meet this goal.

Government agencies, including highway departments and many other industries have utilized this approach over the years.

Not only does a Design Build Contractor deliver a new preparation plant, a conveyor, or maintenance project, but they deliver commitment to performance. The 900 tph processing plant or the 2,000 tph conveyor are guaranteed to operate at the design capacity. How often are facilities built that fall short of meeting their name plate rating?

There is really is no acceptable excuse after all the money is spent to justify a new facility that only operates at 90% of the original design capacity.

Industrial Resources, a Fairmont WV company, has been delivering coal processing plants, material handling facilities, and maintenance projects to the coal industry for over 60 years. Many of these projects were design build contracts, in which performance was guaranteed.

In addition to having a construction group, Industrial has and engineering and electrical design staff, as well as a fabrication shop. These resources allow Industrial Resources to assume full responsibility for a project, from the design, thru the fabrication, construction and commissioning and guaranteeing performance.

In many instances Industrial has even initially operated the facility while training the owner’s personnel. From the owners point of view this arrangement eliminates the pointing game if performance is not achieved because of the single source responsibility of the design build contractor. Industrial Resources look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size.

This concept works just as well on small maintenance projects as well as major capital projects.

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Raymond Perr, PE

Written by Raymond Perr, PE

Raymond Perr P. E. Director of Business Development Industrial Resources, Inc P.O. Box 514 Carnegie, PA. 15106 Office - 412-279-8834 Cell - 304-534-1820

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About Industrial Resources:

INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES INC. provides state-of-the-art bulk material handling systems and coal preparation plants for our customers in the Coal Industry.  We are a turn-key contractor that designs, engineers, fabricates, and constructs custom facilities such as overland conveyors, transshipment facilities, and material processing plants.

In addition, we can serve any customer that needs to move bulk materials including: Coal, Salt, Grain, Minerals, Oil & Gas, and more.

Industrial Resources has over 200 combined years of service in the mineral industry. Our greatest service is the ability to produce in situations where others were unable to. We are proud to design and build projects on schedule and within the customer's budget.

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