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Small Job for Safety Reasons

Posted by Delbert Davis

Apr 20, 2016 12:11:22 PM

Access to Electrical Storage Area

Recently a client requested we install a set of steps to access an electrical storage area where for years they had used a ladder. When called upon, our estimation department reviewed the site and gave an estimate on engineering, detailing, fabrication and labor.

Project Construction

Pre Construction Phase

With client approval of the estimate, we received the guidelines of the job:

  • No prints of the existing building
  • All workers must be safety trained for the site
  • Work must be completed this quarter
  • Work must be completed during one week period
  • Construction work cannot interfere with normal production of the facility

New Support SteelWith engineering, detailing and fabrication complete, the construction crew moved in to erect the new support steel and cut and removed a 4’x10’ slab of concrete so the stairs could land on the next floor.





Cutting and Removal of Concrete

The installation of stairs appears simple, but when completed, access to the storage area was safer.

New Stairs to Electrical Area  Bird's Eye View to Electrical Area

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Delbert Davis

Written by Delbert Davis

Construction Manager

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