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Safety is More than Preventing your Employees from Getting Hurt

Posted by Asa Coplin

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Jun 19, 2015 10:26:09 AM

Why is Safety Such an Important Aspect to Completing a Job?

Safety is more than just preventing your employees from getting hurt on the job. Safety also consists of:

  • Quality control
  • Long term disabilities and health conditions
  • Community health and safety
  • Company property control
  • Environmental aspects and many others

Safety-on-the-jobHere at Industrial Resources, we don’t think twice about safety. We exceed our limitations by keeping everyone safe and eliminating every hazard possible so they can go home healthy every day. Not one customer in our industry likes a contractor who ignores the safety of their employees or the environment, and neither do we.

Production is more satisfactory when safety is involved. With Industrial Resources being a turnkey company and having multiple subsidiary companies that focus on large steel fabrication, steel erecting and electrical work on a job, there are many hazards that follow. We have in place a comprehensive safety program that all companies abide by reducing each and every risk possible. Following are example safety programs:

  • Injury/illness prevention Program
  • Hazard Communication Program:  Labeling, Safety Data Sheets, etc.
  • Electrical Safety Program:  Working with energized equipment, safety practices, testing
  • Lockout/Tagout Program:  Procedures, who is authorized to perform LOTO
  • Substance Abuse Policy:  Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Fall Protection Program:  Harness, lanyards, anchor points, etc.
  • Personal Protection Equipment Program:  Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, etc.
  • Fire Protection:  Fire suppression system, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Hot Work Program:  Welding, cutting, brazing
  • Many others

Our company as a whole, works at many different locations that is under different federal and state jurisdictions. In our past, most jobs that we completed have taken place within MSHA jurisdiction as we worked in and on mine properties. We also perform work within OSHA jurisdiction. These two separate jurisdictions require our employees to have suitable training for each, therefore we provide them with pertinent training they need.

Safe environment=confident workers;  Confident workers=better production

Lead by Example

Industrial Resource's management team demonstrates this by acting safe and abiding by all regulations and company policy at 100%. We encourage our employees to do the same and fully express their perception of safety to others as well.

Think Safety First

We want all of our employees to have safety of themselves and others on their mind at all times. There are many hazards associated with our scope of work, so we encourage them to think before they act.

Safety is our #1 priority because our employees are our #1 value

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Asa Coplin

Written by Asa Coplin

Safety Director Industrial Resources, Inc. (304) 363-4100 - Office (304) 534-1587 - Mobile

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