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May 20, 2014 2:39:00 PM


By:  Raymond Perr, P. E.

With the expectation of rising costs and falling coal prices, coal mining companies must embrace the most advanced process control technologies to maintain margins and achieve long-term business growth.


A recent example of an advanced process control application by Industrial Resources and West Virginia Electric

The very best systems provide optimal control for each individual item of equipment, as well as the integration of all the components. They communicate internally, as well as externally, with the operator through sophisticated graphic touch pads. They squeeze the last little bit of performance from each piece of equipment.

Often the payback can be quite remarkable. Applying these types of advanced controls to a very small component, like a chemical feed pump in a coal preparation plant, can be just as dramatic as that seen on a much larger item of equipment, like a large drive on a conveyor system.

In the coal industry, what does it take to get it right? As important as it is to understand how to design a process control system, and all the other associated electrical equipment, it is just as, if not more important, to have a complete understanding of the process that is being controlled and each of the pieces of equipment in the system.

This knowledge and experience, from both the electrical and the process sides, must be specific to the coal industry.

Industrial Resources and West Virginia Electric, both Victory of West Virginia subsidiaries, are in a unique position to provide these types of advanced process control systems to the coal industry.  Learn more about Victory of West Virginia here:

In addition to having a staff of electrical engineers that have years of experience designing process control system for the coal industry, we have on staff process engineers and mechanical engineers that have a tremendous amount of experience working in the coal industry, and that have an in depth understanding of the processes and components used in the industry.

Again, what does it take to get this right, specific coal related experience and knowledge?  Who has this type of experience and knowledge? Industrial Resources and West Virginia Electric.

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Written by Raymond Perr, PE

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