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How Important is Contractor Pre-Qualification for the Coal Industry?

Posted by Raymond Perr, PE

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Mar 14, 2014 10:06:00 AM

Contractor Pre-Qualification:  How Important is it?

By: Raymond Perr P. E. Director of Business Development


Industrial Resources designs and builds state-of-the-art coal preparation plants, such as the one pictured here for our customers in the Coal Industry.

The successful delivery of capital projects in the coal industry requires a lot of different players. We tend to attribute achievements like building a preparation plant that operates cost efficiently, or a material handling system that has a high availability, to the contractor that performed the construction or their engineers.

Success or Failure of Projects

Decisions made by the owner, regarding the pre- qualification of companies and individuals often, however, have the most impact on the success or failure of a project.

Many government agencies, like highway departments, have understood the importance of this idea and have solicited pre-qualification proposals prior to actually placing a project out for tender.

Firms are required to submit details on their qualifications and specific information on the key individuals that will be assigned to the project, listing their past experience and qualifications. If the firm does not compete as one of the most qualified, they are not included on the bidders list.

If you don’t stack up, they are not interested in even looking at your price.

Experience of Individuals

There is also no substitute for experience when it comes to selecting a firm or the individuals that are going to be part of the team when it comes to major capital coal projects; designing and building your new preparation plant or clean coal storage facility. Even more important than the experience of the firm, is often the actual experience of the individuals that will be working on the project.

The time and costs involved by the owner in pre-qualifying the contractor and the key individuals is often the best money and time the owner can spend.

Why Industrial Resources?

Industrial Resources has been providing turnkey construction of processing plants and material handling systems to the coal Industry for more than 60 years.

We don’t build steel mills or shopping centers. Our expertise and experience is in the coal industry. In addition to our construction crews, we have our own engineers, fabrication shop and electrical group.

Many of our people, including the engineers and construction professionals have 30, 35 or more, years of experience specific to this industry. There is no substitute, regardless of what others may claim, for this type of experience.

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Raymond Perr, PE

Written by Raymond Perr, PE

Raymond Perr P. E. Director of Business Development Industrial Resources, Inc P.O. Box 514 Carnegie, PA. 15106 Office - 412-279-8834 Cell - 304-534-1820


About Industrial Resources:

INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES INC. provides state-of-the-art bulk material handling systems and coal preparation plants for our customers in the Coal Industry. We are a turn-key contractor that designs, engineers, fabricates, and constructs custom facilities such as overland conveyors, transshipment facilities, and material processing plants. In addition, we can serve any customer that needs to move bulk materials including: Coal, Salt, Grain, Minerals, Oil & Gas, and more. Industrial Resources has over 200 combined years of service in the mineral industry. Our greatest service is the ability to produce in situations where others were unable to. We are proud to design and build projects on schedule and within the customer's budget.

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