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Frac Sand Processing Plant 2018 Updates

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Aug 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Mountaineer Resources, Inc., a subsidiary company of Victory of West Virginia has been involved in the installation of frac sand processing plants with Turnkey Processing Solutions (TPS) near Kermit, Texas, over the past eleven months for Black Mountain Sand.

In 2017, we previously wrote an article detailing the project. Here are the newest updates.

Frac Sand Processing Plant Updates

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Mountaineer Resources, Inc., has been primarily involved with the installation of conveyors, plate presses, wet plant components, dry plant components, bucket elevators and steel components for the storage silos.  

Other work consisted of erecting decant buildings 200’ wide by 625’ long and 95’ tall to cover the tripper conveyor that stockpiles the washed sand over top of an underground reclaim conveyor system. This building will protect the washed sand product from the adverse weather conditions of high winds and rain. From that facility, the sand is conveyed to the dry plant from the underground reclaim tunnel system by feeders which load the sand onto the conveyors. Once the sand is conveyed through a dry plant, it is loaded into the tops of 16 different vertical storage silos 97’ tall by 30’ in diameter by way of a bucket elevator system where it is loaded in trucks out of the bottom of the silos for delivery to the customers. 

Once the facility if completely operational, it will load more than 1,000 truckloads of frac sand per day and will be delivered to the customers for oil and gas drilling operations.

The weather in Texas has been extremely hot, averaging over 100 degrees on several days. The employees have done a great job working on these plants, and there has not been any lost time injuries throughout the installation procedures of these projects.

Mountaineer Resources, Inc., & TPS Project

TPS has been the general contractor for the construction of two frac sand plants for Black Mountain Sand. 

“With the depressed coal market over the past several years, this has been a tremendous opportunity for our organization to diversify and provide services for other mineral processing facilities,” said Phil Burnside, president of Mountaineer Resources, Inc., and Industrial Resources, Inc. “Industrial Resources, Inc., another subsidiary of Victory of West Virginia, fabricated some conveyor systems and shipped them more than 1,600 miles from Fairmont to Texas for part of the construction process.”

Previous Scope of Work

Mountaineer Resources’, Inc., previous scope of work included:

  • Provided and operated large cranes on-site
  • Assisted with steel erection
  • Hung ductwork
  • Assembled and erected conveyors and trippers
  • Installed feeders and conveyors inside the reclaim tunnels
  • Assisted with pipe installation
  • Provided general labor support to ensure timely completion
  • Erected 1.2 million pounds of steel

Contact Us

Mountaineer Resources, Inc., and Industrial Resources, Inc., have been in business for over 72 years and have set a standard for safety, working as a team and providing the customer with a quality product that they can be proud of and one that can provide for their service and intentions for years to come.

“We are looking for future opportunities with the TPS Company, and hopefully we can maintain our business relationship with them for several years to come,” Burnside said.

To talk with us about your frac sand project, give us a call at 304-363-4100, and ask to speak to John Pellegrin, Jr., Manager of Sales.


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