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Industrial Resources: Expert at Bulk Material Handling Facilities

Posted by Raymond Perr, PE

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Feb 9, 2015 9:54:00 AM

INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES provides state-of-the-art bulk material handling systems and coal processing plants for our customers.

However, did you know that we can also help customers with a need to move any type of material that requires a conveyor?  Materials such as:  

  • Salt
  • Grain
  • Minerals, such as limestone

Conveyors can be more economical for moving bulk materials for large tonnage application. INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES can help develop budget costs for long conveyors to help with the  evaluation to determine if there are economics in building a conveyor for your application.

Transportation by conveyor, even though it may be five, six or even 10 miles, rather than a truck or mobile piece of equipment, cuts costs significantly.  

For more than 65 years, INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES has designed and constructed material handling facilities ranging from 150 tons per hour to 4,500 tons per hour.  INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES recently completed a 10,000 ton per hour conveyor at a coal mine and processing facility in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The conveyor stretches a continuous six miles at the coal mine and has been in operation for more than one year.


Part of the six mile overland conveyor in Southwestern Pa.  The optimum grade for a conveyor such as this one is 14 degrees.  Anything more will result in material falling back down the conveyor.

Before the overland conveyor, there were six by four miles of undergound mine that had to be ventilated and inspected.  Now, the undergound entryways have been sealed off and there is no longer a need to ventilate or inspect the coal.  This saves the coal company lots of money.  Also, all the materials that had to be trucked underground, such as the belting, rail, ties, roof support and meshing, can be brought above, which is a lot safer.

The conveyor system operates at 10,000 horsepower and each silo has the capacity to hold 10,000 tons of coal.  The coal goes up the conveyor, fills up one silo and then gets dropped into the second one when the first one is full.  Once the coal is ready to be tranported, it is loaded onto a train that equals roughly 110 cars.

We use the latest technology, process control systems and process engineering in conveyors for all of your bulk material processing needs.

Each project is custom-designed, fabricated and constructed, and each turn-key solution includes:

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Process Technology
  • Electrical

At the end of the day, our customers get what they want for a price they are willing to pay. 

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Raymond Perr, PE

Written by Raymond Perr, PE

Raymond Perr P. E. Director of Business Development Industrial Resources, Inc P.O. Box 514 Carnegie, PA. 15106 Office - 412-279-8834 Cell - 304-534-1820

About Industrial Resources:

Industrial Resources has over 200 combined years of service in the mineral industry. Our greatest service is the ability to produce in situations where others were unable to. We are proud to design and build projects on schedule and within the customers' budget.

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