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Coal Preparation Plant Facilities Conceptual Engineering

Posted by Raymond Perr, PE

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Dec 17, 2014 2:47:17 PM


By:  Raymond Perr, P.E.

Everything starts with an initial concept including the overland conveyor in the picture above. The first concept is often the result of some very preliminary engineering, a few conceptual drawings and ball park cost estimates.  Ideas are refined, costs are evaluated and the concepts are finalized.  Getting the right team at the beginning is so important because their work is what establishes the direction for the rest of the project.


High quality Conceptual Engineering requires firms and individuals with broad experience and in-depth knowledge specific to the type of facility being planned. Unlike a design engineer that concentrates on a specific  discipline, like a structural or electrical engineer,  individuals developing the initial concepts for a project must have a broad understanding  and appreciation of all the aspects of what is involved from the start of a project to its commissioning. Here are some suggestions on questions to ask when selecting  a firm to assure your  "Buying the Best" conceptual engineering for your next project.

  • What is the past experience of the firms being considered and how specific is it to the project being considered.  Conveyors at a power plant are similar, but in many ways quite different than those built at the coal mine.  How many of their past conceptual designs have actually been designed and built?  
  • Ask for a resume showing the specific experience for each of the principal engineers that will be working on the project.  Look at how current it is and how specific it is to your project. 
  • Request that they provide you an  estimate of the number of drawings that will be required to adequately define the project and the level of detail that will be provided.  Will major items of equipment be sized for example.  How many engineering hours have they included and how long will it take to complete the work.
  • Does the work include a budget estimate and project schedule?
  • How many meetings have been included in their estimate and does the estimate include a site visit?

Industrial Resources has the experience to provide high quality conceptual engineering.  In addition to our engineers having the years of experience working on coal related projects, Industrial Resources has successfully designed and built these types of facilities for the coal industry for over 65 years. At Industrial Resource we understand what it takes to "Deliver the Best".

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Raymond Perr, PE

Written by Raymond Perr, PE

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