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Posted by Raymond Perr, PE

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Aug 27, 2014 11:55:00 AM

Unlike in many applications, structural steel at coal preparation plants should be inspected on a routine basis to assure it’s structual integrity is maintained and it will perform safely. Steel_maintenence

Incidents of stuctural failure at mine facilities have occurred in the past as the result of corrosion, additional loading that was not anticiapated during the initial design, and most frequenctly a combination of both situations.

These types of failures are often very catastrophic, have the potential for loss of life, and result in signicant loss of production. The potential for corrosion of structural steel is tremendous at preparation plant facilities due to a very moist enviroment that includes constant exposure to wet material laying on the steel for extended periods.

Other items, like a leak in a water line, chemicals, or vents lines can cause severe localized corrosion. In many instance, structures at thes facilities are also exposed to new loads or loads that exceed what was anticipated in the original design.

These often include items on conveyors like overloaded drip pans, coal spills, or additional drip pans that were added. In plants, unanticipated loads may result from many situations, like modifications to the structure that were made without additional structural anaylsis, or the storage of very heavy equipment in area that were not designed for this type of useage.

A combination of both corrosion and unanticipated loads can be deadly. Getting the right structural engineers for this type of structural inspection and analysis requires an engineering group experienced in working at coal mining facilities, in designing structures and conveyor trusses.

In addition to being professional structural engineers, to be successful, these engineers must have an understanding of the individual structural components, how they function as a system, and how the system operates as part of the coal mine.

Where can you find this type of engineering talent with this type of experience? Industrial Resources’ structural engineering group routinely conducts this type of structural inspection and analysis for the coal industry and has been doing it for over 60 years. They understand what it takes to assure the that structures at a preparation plant facility remain safe and functional.

So, perform regular maintenance on your structural steel.  Do it now. 


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Raymond Perr, PE

Written by Raymond Perr, PE

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