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AISC Welding, Painting and Record Precedures

Posted by Ryan Morris

Apr 20, 2016 1:20:50 PM

Here at Industrial, we are a member of the AISC and have to adhere to strict guidelines to comply with their membership protocol.

The Welding Process, Painting/Coating Process and Documentation

AISC Certification

  1. Our welders are tested to specific welding procedures, and they must qualify to weld with each procedure.  After a welder has passed a specific test, they are then allowed to weld with said procedure for a 6 month time frame without further testing or updating. Each and every weld made in our shop is inspected visually and made sure to be done within the specifications of our welding procedure.

  2. After the welding process has been completed, most pieces are taken to our blast room if they are required by our customer to be blasted. We have a specified blast grade to follow for each customer. Our most common is SSPC-SP-6, which is a commercial grade blast. Each piece is then inspected to make sure a profile is achieved so that a coating can adhere to metal. Prior to painting, each item should be blown off to make sure all blast residue is removed.

  3. Before we can start the painting/coating process, the ambient conditions are tested. There are specific elements that have to be complied to before you can paint on any given day. The difference between the temperature of the steel and the dew point must be greater than 5 degrees before you can paint. Once that is achieved, you can move on to the painting process. You need to follow strict guidelines for mixing of the paint. The instructions for mixing are different for every kind of paint, and they are included with each. The paint is supposed to be applied to a specific dry mill thickness, which is specified by the customer. After the drying process, each piece is inspected and loaded on a truck for final delivery.

  4. We keep documented paperwork for all visual inspections for all of the processes needed to complete the final product. We pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship. We adhere to every aspect of the D1.1 code and AISC.

Industrial Resources

The AISC certification assures clients that from the time that a project is awarded to the time it's erected on-site, the company adheres to the highest of standards. This type of quality control ensures that the project will be done successfully.

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Ryan Morris

Written by Ryan Morris

Certified Welding Inspector

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