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Advances in Technology:  Computer Aided Drafting

Posted by John Trotto

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Jul 6, 2016 2:18:47 PM

Every day advances in technology find ways of making the digital age become a part of our every day lives--with practically everyone owning a smart phone and being connected 24/7 with an endless amount of data via the internet. These advances also change the way a company operates and how it must manage its documents and information.

Computer Aided Drafting

One of the biggest game changers in our industry was when CAD (computer aided drafting) came along. In the past, designs had to be hand drawn on paper. This process was very time consuming, and making changes involved actually erasing parts of a drawing to re-draw them.

CAD greatly increases productivity by allowing an engineer to quickly draw extremely accurate drawings and make changes easily when plans change along the way.

Computer Aided DraftingGone are the days or using pencil and paper to draw on large bulky sheets of paper. What used to take up an entire room to store years of drawings can now be held in the palm of your hand on digital media. Like most things, this comes with its own set of challenges and precautions that have to be taken to ensure the data is safe and reliable.



Challenges of CAD

Just like any other important paper document, electronic data files have to be maintained on a system that provide easy and quick access for its users, while ensuring that all data is protected from hardware failure or accidental deletion.

How Industrial Resources Overcomes These Challenges

Industrial Resources uses an in house file server with redundant hardware and RAID storage. All data is also automatically backed up every hour to an off site storage system, via the internet. All file servers and workstations have virus protection installed to ensure that all data is kept safe and reliable.

For those times when paper printouts are still used, Industrial stores all of its drawings in a dedicated fire resistant room.

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