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3 Important OSHA Standards

Posted by Asa Coplin

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Apr 19, 2016 10:24:58 AM

Production is more satisfactory when safety is involved.  Companies that focus on large steel fabrication, steel erecting and electrical work on a job, have many hazards that follow.  Here are 3 important OSHA Standards and how abiding by them will result in increased production: 


  • Cranes & Derricks (Annual Inspections)

  • Record keeping

Safety and Increased Production

  • Under OSHA’s “Cranes and Derricks” inspection standard, all telescopic and lattice type boom cranes and derricks shall be inspected annually. This is an extensive inspection that consists of disassembling the entire crane and having a “Qualified Person” complete the inspection. It then needs to be tested by a Qualified Person to see if it functions correctly once re-assembled. Keeping record of these inspections prove that your company is continuously inspecting the cranes and derricks. (29 CFR 1926.1412(f)/Construction)

  • Hazardous Communication has always helped prevent incidents and illnesses as well as providing the user of the actions to take when exposed to certain chemicals. For the past couple of years, the Hazard Communication System has been transferring into the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). This allows all nations to come together and combine all applicable data on the new labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). This is essential when purchasing hazardous chemicals from other countries, all information on the labels and Safety Data Sheets will be in the same format. On the SDS sheets, sections 1-11 and 16 consist of general information and technical data information about the chemical which is regulated by OSHA. Sections 12-15 are all environmental aspects of the chemical that will be governed by environmental agencies.  (29 CFR 1910.1200/General Industry) (29 CFR 1926.59/Construction)

  • Record keeping is crucial in today’s society. Anymore, you hear of lawsuits against companies for one thing or another. Having records of essential documentation proves that your company has done the best they could to prevent injury and/or illness. These documents include some of the following: trainings, medical records (such as physicals, audiograms, etc…), safety data sheets on chemicals used on the job, inspections, etc. The employer of a company is required to keep these records for a certain amount of time depending on what the record is. It is good to get into a habit of organizing all records and make copies of these records. (29 CFR 1904)

OSHA Standards and Increased Production

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